Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I would give you a bouquet of freshly sharpened #2 pencils

One of my all time favorite lines from a movie.  I think of it every year when it's back to school time, the leaves are changing colors, and you walk along the city streets with an old song by The Cranberries playing in the background.  What happened to the good ol' days of movies like You've Got Mail? 

I'd like to put my own personal spin on the line, however.  If anyone ever wanted to score points with me, a bouquet of strawberry fruit snacks would do just fine.  Fruit Rolls Ups, organic fruit nuggets, strawberry fruit strips from Target, you know, the old fruit leather treats that are just the perfect snack to get through a slow afternoon at the office or a long day of travel.  They fit perfectly in your purse, they never go bad.  Don't let anyone ever tell you you're too old for a fruit roll.
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