Sunday, September 26, 2010

My first birdie sling

Well it all started almost a year ago at a local craft fair.  Amongst all of the cheery Christmas decor and delicious smelling kettle corn, I stumbled across a little stand full of gorgeous hand sewn bags and accessories.  I picked up a fabulous big bag which quickly became my go-to for carrying my whos its and whats it galore.  A few months later I was perusing an old catalog of fabrics and what do you know, I found the pattern.  

I went online, purchased the Amy Butler Birdie Sling pattern and a collection of Valori Wells fabrics and started on my first bag.  Several days later and one near all nighter (thanks Justin) my sling was complete!  I love how the size of the bag shows off the beautiful fabric and now my biggest dilemma is finally giving away my new bag to a loving home (that's you Mom.)

Since completing this project, the baby to do list seems to be growing by the week, so the next sling will have to wait a while.  One plus, the leftover fabric from the sling made some adorable little burp cloths and blanket.  I hope the new parents-to-be will like them.
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  1. I love it! :) I have the pattern also and have some fabrics ready. I have to give it a try. Yours looks really pretty!


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