Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gone fishing

My nephew Max
Well, no I haven't really gone fishing, but if it's a Saturday and the weather is nice, chances are that my husband has.  Although I grew up getting exposed to a little bit of camping and fishing as a kid, I never knew real fishing until my post-college years with my dear hubby.  Even then, it wasn't until after I was engaged that I figured out the best part of being outdoors - Glamping.  For those of you have never heard of glamping and who didn't immediately google the term, glamping is a sort of upscale, fancy form of camping (glamour + camping).  While the rules may vary from person to person, some of my pre-requisites for glamping include the following:
  • Bathrooms with running water
  • Air mattress and clean sleeping bag
  • A clean tablecloth on a picnic table (coordinating plates and glasses a plus)
  • Wine and food that doesn't come from a can
  • Off bug clip, citronella candles, and Buzz Off clothing.  If you can find a site without bugs, extra points awarded.
I've made it my mission to make our campsite the prettiest it possibly can be and there's nothing quite like when you get that perfect site with the perfect view and the perfect campfire.  As soon as I can, I'd love to make a glamping blanket to snuggle up in around the fire.  The contest this week on Spoonflower is a woodland theme and if these fabrics don't inspire you to go glamping, well, I guess we won't see you out there.

Here's an oldie but goodie project that I made a few years ago for another nephew.  The quilt had a couple of fish fabrics and the backing was a great father/son print that included a fishing theme.
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