Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In case you were wondering

If you're not a tennis fan and you don't live with me, then you may have found yourself asking, who is Federlily?  This blog all started because I wanted a place to share some of the things that I've created for the loved ones around me and also to talk about some random things that I love.  Since I love being crafty and dreaming of new projects, I wanted a name that represented things that I love and that bring me joy.  Besides my husband and my family, two of my loves are my sweet kitty, Lily and the greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer.

As to first part of "Federlily", I was lucky enough to watch Roger Federer play in Arthur Ashe Stadium at the 2008 US Open.  This was a very special time for me because it was while I was in New York at the US Open with my then boyfriend and both of our mothers that he proposed to me at the top of the Empire State Building (think Sleepless in Seattle, Jonah's backpack...)

Our kitty Lily joined our home almost 4 years ago and she has been bringing smiles every day ever since.  I love to watch as my nephews come to visit and each time they go right to the spot where they know they can find her.  She's my number one field tester for every project and nothing leaves the house without her inspection first.

Now I'm never one to skip giving credit where credit is due, so in honor of Lily of Federlily,  this week I'm celebrating the one year anniversary of her big moment in the spotlight as PeoplePets.com "Cutest Pet of the Day".  Congratulations Lily!
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