Monday, October 11, 2010

Sugar and Spice

I'm going out of order, but I just couldn't resist putting up these new photos.  I love how this baby shower gift set turned out and it's probably because it's what I would pick out if I were keeping it for myself!

For this one, I started with the Fandango by Kate Spain charm pack and some extra yardage of two of the prints.  It was my first time purchasing a charm pack and it feels like a dream come true!  It's like I've been struggling to turn over my grilled cheese sandwiches all this time and someone just bought me the Grip 'n' Flip.  (It's that big of a breakthrough.)

I added my typical burp cloths to the set (the 2.0 version) and this time I also threw in another of my latest ideas - the picture frame with coordinating photo mat.  I figured my brother and sister-in-law could add their own photos after baby girl arrives, but in the mean time, I put in the super sweet "sugar" and "spice" cards.  Doesn't it just make you want to go out and buy some fresh flowers?
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  1. Kristi...thank you so much for the beautiful "Sugar & Spice" set you made. The pictures really don't do it justice. I can't tell you how much I love, love, love the pattern and now I'm planning the rest of the nursery around them. Rylan even got a hold of the blanket and wanted to take it to bed. We had to tell him it was not for him...he was not happy! XOXO Lisa

  2. Kristi,
    The quilts are beautiful. What a talented niece!! Baby girl Hashimoto will have a beautiful room. The burp pads and picture frame are wonderful. I'm curious how you did the frame. Did you cover a mat with fabric? wish I would see your quilts in person. I need to find time to make some baby gifts.

  3. The picture frame is just that - a mat covered with fabric. I started by covering the entire mat with the fabric and securing it in the back. I then cut an 'x' through the center where the photo would go and folded the corners back. You'll have to cut away some of the extra fabric, but not too much so you can't secure it to the back. And that's it!


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