Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deck the Halls

It's less than two weeks now until Christmas.  Are all of your Christmas decorations out of the garage?  Are all of your presents wrapped?  After what felt like a slow start, our house finally has that Christmas glow.  

A few weeks ago I purchased this Baker's Cord from the Sundance catalog.  Some red and green fabrics, fabric glue and a few hours later, I had my brand new tree garland.  (I can not take credit for the cute mitten ornament in the photo.  It was purchased.)  This year our tree has a bit of a crafty feel to it, which I love since I love a tree that tells a story about the family who made it their own.  I'm the type of girl that picks up ornaments from every vacation spot and gets excited each year to reopen the boxes and reminisce about all of the great times from the past.  Some of this year's new additions include a glass flower from Hawaii and some homemade felt ornaments from a few months back.

Do you have any favorite childhood ornaments?  What does your tree say about you?
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