Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I can't help but think about Bing Crosby and all of the classic Christmas tunes this time of year.  Love them or hate them, you're going to hear them in every grocery store and shopping center in town.  The one that always gets stuck in my head is White Christmas by The Drifters - the one from the Home Alone soundtrack, which I (not coincidentally) watched this past week.  Bu du du du, du du du du du...  I challenge you to not smile and think of Macaulay Culkin when you hear it.

But what would our favorite Christmas tunes be without some Christmas decorations around the house?  I'm about 90% done with this Christmas blanket and pillow set that I made using the Robert Kaufman Sparkle All the Way collection.  It's bright and cheery and everything that a Lily cat could ever hope to nap on.

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