Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!  I hope you had a wonderful and memorable start to the new year.  Just to make sure I started the year off right, I spent at least the last two hours browsing fabric shops online and dreaming of all of the projects to tackle in 2011.  I also gave myself a google search and discovered that my "Q" blanket was featured as a "Sunday Sewing Inspiration" at Fabric Shopper Online.  It was a very big day at the house to see a Federlily photo posted on another site...progress!

And speaking of progress, I have new photos of some Christmas projects that were recently completed.  (Note to self, do not wait until December to start Christmas projects.  It's okay to start working on Christmas gifts in the Fall, or earlier if the inspiration strikes.)  These pillows were created from my new stash of Christmas fabrics inherited from my Mother-in-Law.  

Her stash was also used for the garland on the tree this year.  I received so many great red and green fabrics that I was constantly spreading them all across our living room floor.  My husband and I lovingly referred to it as the fabric barf.  Lucky for our guests this weekend, the "barf" was neatly packed away in its new compartmentalized plastic storage bin before their arrival.  I think I'll make a resolution this year to better organize my fabrics, or at least keep track of all of the incredible additions before they can disappear to the underworld of the unfinished project storage bin.  That reminds me, my second resolution will be to finish the Christmas quilt from 2003 before Christmas 2011. 

Happy New Year everyone!  May 2011 bring you the inspiration and the courage to be your best!
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