Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Feature

Recently while I was in the Bay Area for the famous Renegade Craft Fair, my 2 year old nephew graciously gave up his bedroom for MDH* and I to crash for the night.  I couldn't help but be inspired by all of the childhood cheeriness around the room.  I love the bold colors, the stuffed animals, and the striped "F" beneath the window.  In case you're wondering, yep, the windmill jungle theme quilt is an early project of mine.

My nephew - isn't he awesome?

So while many of the projects I make are for baby rooms, I often wonder where the Moms and Dads of the world come up with their baby room themes.  I recently stumbled across a blog from the Apartment Therapy folks called Ohdeedoh and it is sure to give you tons of inspiration for the room of your dreams and it is definitely bookmark worthy.  The mission statement for Ohdeedoh is good design for people who happen to have children.  Check it out here but beware, you may find yourself browsing the gorgeous photos for hours.  

Maybe you're new to blogging like me, or maybe you're looking for inspiration to mix up your everyday internet browsing.  In any case, I'm calling this my first entry in hopefully a new weekly (?) feature (sound the horns, du du duh dah)...

Let me know if you like what you see.

*my dear husband
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