Saturday, January 8, 2011

Soul Blossoming Saturday

No I didn't spend the day meditating or exploring the deepest regions of my inner being.   Actually, I slept in, finished my latest Jodi Picoult book, watched some football and worked on another baby blanket project.  This one was done on a rather sophisticated color palette, for the distinguishing toddler.  It's the Soul Blossoms line by Amy Butler.  I started with a bundle of fat quarters and then stormed the internet looking for an exciting new quilting pattern.  

After a few hours, I finally settled on a zig zag pattern.  There are several patterns and tutorials on the zig zag, but I think the one I settled on was the simplest.  It starts with cutting 3" strips of each fabric.  (I used a white fabric in between the colors to try to keep the various patterns a little easier on the eye.)  After sewing the colored strips to the white strips, press the seam and cut them in to 5 inch squares.  Once that is done, the hard part starts.  You have to lay the squares in alternating directions until you have the zig and the zag.  Keeping the blocks laid out, you sew one row at a time on the diagonal.   Finally, once all of the diagonal rows are joined together, you trim the corner edges off until you have your rectangle!

The top is now completed and the next step for me is determining the backing.  I've decided to sew my leftover color strips together to make the binding.  I'll be sure to post the finished project, hopefully soon!

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  1. The finished quilt is beautiful! Can you point me to the tutorial that you used? A zig zag quilt is on my list of MUST TRY but I want 'easy'. :D

  2. @CJ

    This tutorial is from Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts. Super easy and super fun!


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