Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tutorials for Everyone

One thing that I love about exploring tons of different creative blogs, besides all of the beautiful photos and inspiration, is a good tutorial.  Being that I'm basically a self taught, guess and check type sewer, I learn a lot of lessons online.  YouTube has plenty of great how-to videos demonstrating how to attach a binding or make a mitered corner.  I've also gotten my fair share of lessons from tutorials from other bloggers, which leads me to Diary of a Quilter, it's my...

Since at least half of everyone I know is either pregnant or raising a youngster still in diapers, I thought this would be a popular idea, it's a diaper clutch tutorial.  Maybe you've seen the fancy Diapee Wipees at your local baby boutique or maybe you didn't yet realize that you needed a cute little clutch to carry your diapers and wipes.  Why not make your own?

Diaper Clutch by Diary of a Quilter

My first attempt at a diaper clutch took a bit longer than I had originally hoped.  The trick is to figure out where to sew and how to insert the lining inside the outer part, but after that, it's actually not too difficult.  The great thing about online tutorials versus your average store bought sewing pattern is the number of photos.  Step by step photos and instructions are key to a great tutorial and chances are, if you get stuck, you can post a question to the author or others who've been following along. 

The next one I make I think I'll add some extra lining or maybe use a heavier duty fabric - oilcloth might be a possibility.  Another thought would be to make one with a more masculine feel, perhaps some camo - the Mossy Oak breakup!

Be sure to check out Diary of a Quilter's other great tutorials to find more inspiration and post your photos on the Federlily & Friend's Flickr page.
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