Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holy Moly!

Do you think that you're an expert party planner?  Do you think you've seen the wildest children's party of all time?  Well, I challenge anyone to find a better coordinated and decorated birthday party than this.  It's uh-mazing and it's my... 

You must see these photos at Juicy-Bits

Jessica Levitt is a designer and blogger at juicy-bits.typepad.com.  I first discovered her blog several months ago when researching glamping aka glamour camping.  (You can check out my rules for glamping here.)  At first I felt totally inadequate by comparison of my camp site, but after seeing her rainbows and unicorn theme birthday party, I know that she is just one crazy, creative chica. 

And while the gorgeous rainbow of photos will leave you in awe, my favorite part of the blog post is her comment "This stuff doesn't just happen, people."

Tell me you don't think that yourself after cooking a huge meal, cleaning the entire house or hosting a big dinner party.
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