Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Nevada City Treat

Ice cream from Treats - Nevada City
About two weeks ago I found myself venturing the lovely town of Nevada City with a dear friend who was visiting from out of town.  The spring-like weather was around that weekend, so we took the afternoon to stroll the boutique shops, have a slow lunch and enjoy maybe the best ice cream ever.    With the abnormally warm temperatures, we wandered Broad Street in search of a cool treat, but being that it was January, most of the sweet shops weren't serving their ice cream or gelato.  Luckily, one kind soul tipped us off to the place called Treats.  Two weeks later I'm still dreaming about their delicious coffee and vanilla bean ice creams.  Mmmm

Nevada City is a treat to visit at any time of year.  I hear that Christmas time is something else there with the Victorian celebration, but I have yet to make it.  This Victorian building is actually the historic Firehouse No. 1 Museum and is the current home of the Nevada County Historical Society.

You never know what to expect as you stroll the quiet streets in the historical part of this small town.  Walk up the steep hill from Broad Street and you'll leave the Victorian details of the Firehouse Museum and stumble in to this gem.  The courthouse is a beautiful reflection of another time, but sadly, it has now been deemed "unsafe, substandard, overcrowded, and functionally deficient".  

And for no reason other than the fact that I liked this building, and to show off the eclectic nature of Nevada City, here is a photo of one more spot on Broad Street.  Can't you just imagine Santa and Mrs. Claus behind the stained glass sipping on some iced tea?

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