Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Season Ending Pick

I've been on a reality TV roll for the past couple of posts, so I couldn't let this season of The Bachelor end without making my final prediction.  No big surprise here, my money is on Emily.  Brad and Emily seem to be the easy pick this season.  Every time he's around her he's smitten and acts like he's the one trying to gain her attention.  I hope it works out for them :)

And for those of you who didn't catch The Women Tell All tonight, the second season of The Bachelor Pad will be returning this summer.  Hooray!

And for my most loyal readers, remember this post?  I did end up purchasing the Wii version of The Bachelor video game and I did actually play it.  Yes, it was as bad as the guy at GameStop warned me it was but yes, it was worth the $10 I spent to have it in my game collection.
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