Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fun Easy Project

Hola!  I'm back this morning with a fun little project to share.  This one is super easy and cheap and really hard to mess up.  What could be better?

Start with a Cover Button Kit like this one.  They are available in all different sizes.  I bought my kit from Joann.  They are only a buck or two and come with everything you'll need if you're making buttons.

The first thing you'll need to do is gather your favorite fabric scraps.  The back of the button kit has a circle template so you'll cut out your fabric into small circles using the provided template.  

Then, using the plastic mold that also comes in the kit, place your round fabric scrap into the mold and press the button on top of that.  Add the button back and use the little pusher to press down and voila - fabric covered button in 60 seconds or less!  It's easy, I promise.

Now here's your fair warning - making covered buttons can be very addicting.  Make sure you have something else planned with your day or you'll find yourself with hundreds of buttons, scrounging for more.

I started out by making these fancy little flowery buttons and then realized that I don't actually sew things that require buttons.  Hmmm...

Light bulb!
Okay, so what's a more useful purpose for a fabric covered button?  A fabric covered push pin!  To do this, you'll start by removing the button loop from the back of the button to make a flat back side.  (I used some pliers or wire cutter thingamajigs.)

After that, all you have to do is glue some tacks like these to the back of your button and you've got nearly instant, custom made, beautiful push pins!

I used mine to hold up my new design wall in the office.  Have fun!

*One small note - Elmer's glue is not actually the most reliable adhesive for this project.  After one failed attempt, I went back with the real deal - the super glue.

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