Saturday, April 16, 2011

DS Quilts or Bust

What kind of blogger/fabric collector would I be if I didn't post this week about the new line of fabrics by Denyse Schmidt out this week at Joann?  As I type this post, there are already 193 members in the DS Quilts Collection group on Flickr (yes I'm one of them).  There are also 155 photos posted and an unknown number of other fabric-y blogs posting about how great they are.

I put it off all week fighting the extra rush hour traffic after work to check my Joann to see if they had it in stock.  On Friday night at 5:00 pm, I decided to put it off no longer.   I scoured the bolts and bolts of fabrics until I found the infamous DS Quilts.  Apparently Roseville is one of only a few stores in the Nor Cal area carrying the line, so I was lucky.  I wasn't the only one.  As I picked each pattern off the shelves I spotted another DS fan eyeing the same thing.  We searched together until we most of the 21 prints.  Luckily I was going for the Fairgrounds prints and she was going for Picnic.  Hair pulling averted :)

Here's what I came home with (after 40% off coupon on my Joann iPhone app)

2 yards of the tile
2 yards of the dots
2 yards of the block flower and
3 yards of the flower

If your Joann doesn't have DS Quilts yet, or you don't live near a Joann, word on the street is it will be available online in May.  Or, do like the other true fans do, drag the entire family on a 3 hour road trip to pick some up now.  Isn't it worth it?
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