Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's almost here

Less than three days until the Royal Wedding! 

I found an article online tonight about how to prepare yourself for watching the events live (because DVRs are weak sauce).  Some of the suggestions:
 - Get plenty of sleep on Wednesday night
 - Keep your room light, a dark room will trigger your body's desire to sleep
 - Caffeine (goes without saying)
 - Exercise, get the blood flowing at 2:00 am, sure, no problem
 - Take a nap early Thursday evening

How will you celebrate?  People magazine featured a sample British menu for the day.  The cucumber, cream cheese and dill sandwiches sound quite intriguing.  I hope to be enjoying some hot tea and home made scones myself.  I also thought it could be fun to create silly hats to wear while watching on tv - feathers, pipe cleaners, the works.

Aside from the sleep and food prep, I've been watching my fair share of wedding specials on TLC.  As everyone knows, the Royals are famous for preparing their events and appearances to the t and the carriage ride for Princess Diana's ride to her wedding was no exception.  The story is that the carriage driver practiced over and over again for the exact timing, but on her wedding day, Diana told him that she wasn't ready and they would be two minutes late.  He didn't handle it so well.  After a compromise, Diana arrived at her wedding 30 seconds late.  The lesson here if you're watching at home, follow the schedule and plan your bathroom breaks accordingly.

Can't wait for Friday!  Hope you've got your plans in place!

(Any more guesses on what's inside the box? Hint, it was my way of supporting the cost burden on the bride's family.)
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