Thursday, April 28, 2011

The wait is over

After years of being dubbed waity Katie, her big day is finally here.  Once just a regular girl studying art history and playing #1 for her school's tennis team, Miss Catherine Middleton will soon be wife to Prince William.  She is living out the fairytale dream of our generation.  The horse drawn carriage, the Abbey, the tiara, the Palace, the jewels, they're all for her!

But Kate would be no one without the love and support of her family.  Her mother, Carole, a one time flight attendant and her father a flight dispatcher gave her the opportunity to enroll at St. Andrews where she eventually met her groom to be.  In 1987, while raising three young children, Carole opened a mail order party supply store called Party Pieces.  The business was largely successful and, until recently, it was the employer for Kate.

Upon news of the engagement, I couldn't resist.  I heard about the Best of British party theme on their website and jumped on.  I couldn't possible have a royal wedding viewing party without some British party decor!

So here it is, a little sampling of what was inside the box - all the way from the UK...

The first photo here "God Save the Queen" is one of the British Buffet Napkins.  The bottom right photo is an interesting dinner plate stating "By Royal decree, you may get stuck in".  If anyone can tell me what that means, please leave a comment.

You gotta love the British sense of humor.  How else can you explain the "Stiff upper lip plates"?

Sadly, the Pimms was not part of the box.  It's the last remaining little bit brought home from my trip to London several years ago.  While I was there, the princes put on a celebration of their mother's birthday with a memorial concert at Wembley stadium.  At the time, William and Kate were broken up, yet she sat just a few seats away from him in his box, stirring up quite the buzz of a reconciliation.

And rounding out the contents of the mystery box from London, some lovely British bunting complete with all of the icons of London - Union Jack, the double decker bus, the Tudor rose and the Queen's Guard and an umbrella.

As I opened my package of goodies and set them out to photograph, I couldn't help but imagine that at one point Kate was doing the exact same thing (as she worked as a photographer for her parents' company.)  I'm sure that in my best little pea coat, long brown hair, holding my camera, I must have resembled her for just a tiny moment ;)

So tomorrow, as a billion people watch Kate get out of the Rolls Royce, I can believe that perhaps just one of those flowers in her bouquet was purchased by her parents thanks to their successful online sale of party supplies.

To the happy couple!
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  1. Any soccer player can tell you what that napkin means! By the way, save me one...those are AWESOME!


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