Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wild Times with Wild Thymes

The end to my twenties is rapidly approaching.  With one week left in my youthful, crazy decade, I'm sending the twenties off with some wild thymes (that's right, not times, but thymes.)

Remember this stack?  It's Wild Thymes by Carolyn Gavin.  Maybe it's the warmer spring-like weather or maybe its all of the new flowers sprouting up in our garden, but these colors were really calling to me this weekend.

I've whipped up a couple projects already with these lovelies.  One of my favorites is this zig zag.  This was done using the same simple technique used here.  It's not completed yet, but I thought the seams looked so nice without the backing attached yet, I had to take a photo.

Birthday shout out to my nephew Max who is turning 8 today.  Stay cool Max!

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