Monday, January 30, 2012

Mommy, Daddy, "Plus" One

To those who saw my last post, I know what you're thinking...gosh, that's a nice looking quilt but I can't see it because there's a baby blocking most of it!  Well, here's a better look.

I'd wanted to make a "plus quilt" for quite some time after spotting them around the world wide web.  I more or less followed this tutorial posted on the sugary sweet blog, In Color Order. The pattern was simple, just cut out squares and arrange them just so to form your plus signs.

The fabric is called Innocent Crush by designer Anna Maria Horner.  This was an extremely popular line in the quilty, bloggy world.  Just to give you an idea, when I searched my Google Reader, there were 137(!) posts that mentioned this fabric.  Suffice it to say, I jumped on the Innocent Crush bandwagon.

Here's a shot at the back.  I used one of the larger scale prints from the line.  The quilting was simple, I just outlined each row and column in a straight line.

Finally, here's a look at the entire front.  (Note, this photo was taken late last year, so pregnancy "cankles" have been conveniently cropped from all photos.)

Hope everyone is having a great day.  My little one is currently taking a nap on this lovely quilt, but I think I hear grunting, gotta run!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My guy

Too cute not to share

He's almost 7 weeks already and learning how to smile, how to make great eye contact, and how to steal your heart :)
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More nursery details

When it comes to sewing, I'm all about online tutorials.  I spend way too many hours on my phone and Google Reader scouring the internet for the best in online inspiration.  (This is especially true during those late night, half hour nursing sessions.)

One of my go-to blogs for inspiration is V and Co.  One glance at this site and you'll instantly see what I'm talking about.  The photos are gorgeous and the tutorials are easy to follow with great results.

This blanket is called Baby Life and was featured on the Moda Bake Shop (another great source for tutorials).  I used the woodgrain in bark fabric by Joel Dewberry available here.  The wording on the blanket and the colored border are It's a Hoot by Momo and the binding is from my stash by DS Quilts.  The backing is a lime green minky dot.  I love how this blanket turned out and it's one of the first things I notice as I walk in to the nursery.

If you peek at the background of this photo, you may notice another home-sewn item, also taken from a tutorial at V and Co.  It's the faux pleated pillow.  Using leftovers from my Central Park jelly roll, I whipped up my own pleated pillow.

Using the pre-cut strips of the jelly-roll, this pillow came together without too much pain.  You just have to fold the strips in half lengthwise, iron, and sew onto a piece of fabric cut to the size of your pillow.  The back is a simple envelope enclosure.  This pillow came together so nicely that I even made myself a Christmas version.  Unfortunately, I didn't snap a photo, so the evidence will have to come about next year.

(If you're wondering what the heck is a jelly-roll, check out all of the pre-cut definitions here.)

I guess I owe a big thanks to Miss Vanessa Christenson for all of her lovely design inspiration.  My nursery would not be the same with you.
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Friday, January 6, 2012

He naps!

Is it okay to admit I have gained a whole new level of respect for all of the moms of the world?  I can't even pretend to understand how people do it when there is more than one munchkin running around the house.  Thank goodness for our little JT that I have lots of help just a phone call away.

But enough about me, I better continue my nursery tour before the big guy wakes up.

As you may have noticed, I'm a big fan of Etsy.  These two woodland bookends were one of my splurge items for the nursery and are created by graphicspaceswood.  They are made from a beautiful solid wood made to last a lifetime.  Other woodland critters are available like the hedgehog and the little fox.  The bookends arrive in a sweet little burlap bag with a personalized message just for you.  The creators take great care in making a quality product.   I just love how they look in JT's room and I smile every time I go to grab a book off the shelf.

And sticking with the woodland critter theme, here is my little changing pad cover.  This was made using a tutorial I found online at  This website has tons of ideas and tutorials and is a great place to click around looking for inspiration.  The printed fabric on the changing pad is called Brown Birds of a Feather by Suzy Ultman and is part of the Critter Community line.  I loved the colors and the modern woodland look of Critter Community.  I have one more project with this fabric to follow (during another nap time).

Have a great weekend!
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Say hello, JT

Here he is.  Our pride and joy, Jeffrey Thomas (aka JT aka Cheezer aka Cheeze Man aka the Jeffer)  arrived on December 12, a healthy 7 pounds and 13 ounces.  Today is his three week birthday and we couldn't be more in love with the little guy.
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