Sunday, May 6, 2012

Whoopie pies

Whoopie pies by Federlily
Whoopie pies, a photo by Federlily on Flickr.

So I've started experimenting in the kitchen.

Inspired by all of the scrumptious looking photos on pinterest (did you notice my page link up above?), I've started to actually try out some of the new recipes I've found online.

Earlier this week, I was inspired by this photo of whoopie pies.  I had never baked whoopie pies before, and I'm not quite sure I had ever tried a whoopie pie, but with a name like whoopie, it had to be good.  (How many times I can use whoopie in one sentence?)

The recipe is from this book entirely devoted to whoopie pies and aptly named "Whoopie Pies".   There are dozens of variations to the classic whoopie pie in this book and I'm very tempted to try more.  The recipe that I followed was for the classic chocolate pie and a salty peanut butter filling.  (I love peanut butter treats!)  I can tell you that the pies were absolutely delicious and turned out looking just as great as they did online.  My husband did not allow me to keep the entire batch at our house, so most of them were shipped off to some deserving friends and coworkers - but not before I had my 5 (or 6).

And just in case you do decide to click around on my pinterest page, you may see a board called "Party Ideas".  And just in case you were wondering, yes, I am already brainstorming ideas for my son's birthday party... in December.

Pop quiz movie trivia - In what 1994 movie do we hear this line?
"Hey look, my mom's here"
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