Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pinterest: Bad for the diet, good for the soul

Again I found myself browsing delicious recipes online and found this recipe.  They were called the best, they were called the "pinnacle of perfection".  How could I possibly not bake them?

The recipe was simple enough, but when they say drop 1/4 cup at a time on a baking sheet, they mean it.  This is one BIG cookie.  I started out by only putting four in the oven at first because I couldn't believe the recipe really meant 1/4 cup (that's huge!)  They came out looking and tasting great.

I should have left it alone, but I thought that no one would ever eat such a ginormous cookie when we're all trying to "cut back" (insert laugh here).  The rest of the dough was cooked in normal, spoon full size drops.  That's where something went wrong.  The little ones came out hard and crunchy, and not the good kind of crispy.

If you're paying attention to the photo above you'll notice I didn't just bake cookies.  No, I had to prove to my husband that the ice cream maker in the back of the cupboard was worth holding onto, no matter how much space it took and how few times he's seen it used (never).  I went to the trusty vanilla ice cream recipe that came with the machine.  It would have been delicious.  It should have been everything I remembered it to be.  Instead, one rotation into the mixing, the motor died.  And my sleeping baby woke up.  And my dear hubby was out of the house.  I can now tell you from experience that hand cranking ice cream for half an hour while attempting to sooth a tired, crying baby is not my definition of a good time.

Oh why won't you move to Sacramento Diddy Riese?
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