Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A completed baby quilt

So, I really wanted to call this post "A Stripper in Central Park" but I didn't think anyone would get it.  You see, the main fabric in this quilt is from Kate Spain's line called Central Park.  On top of that, it's what I would call a "strip" quilt since it's made from a jelly roll (aka 2.5 inch strips).  But since probably no one but me would find that funny and because the recipient of this quilt is a sweet innocent newborn baby girl, we'll just call it something like the Purple Central Park quilt (booorrrriiiinnnngggg).

If you've checked out many of my posts over the past year, you've surely seen this fabric line make several appearances.  I think it's an especially happy line of fabric with the trees, animals and flowers.  Sadly, all of the lovely purples had been cast aside, too feminine to make it into my own nursery.  Luckily, we have friends, and they have girls.  (See big sisters' stuff here.)

My inspiration for this quilt pattern was found on Pinterest and there's even a link to a free pattern here.

The quilting was done at home by me, all free motion on my spiffy new machine following a tutorial for loopy flowers found here.  They were fun and easy to make and I think they were the perfect match to the flower prints.  There's something about pulling a quilt out of the dryer for the first time and seeing all of the crinkles.  I love it and hope the little one does too.
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