Tuesday, November 27, 2012

HSTs, BOMs and other stuff the cool kids are doing

As I teased recently, I've been participating in Jeni's Half Square Triangle Block of the Month.  Each month on the first, Jeni shares a new block made entirely of half square triangles (HST).

The HST process is simple.  Each starts with a four inch square in the color of your choice and a neutral (Kona Snow in my case).  After cutting the squares, you draw a diagonal line on the neutral.  Next, sew a 1/4 inch seam on either side of the line, cut along the drawn line, press, trim and voila - your first HST.  Now repeat a hundred or so more times and you'll have a lovely quilt in no time.  Ha!

Pictured above are my first 6 months.  I chose to do a Christmas color scheme using mostly fabrics given to me by my lovely MIL (Mother-in-law for those of you who are sick of my acronyms).  Her birthday just recently passed so I was forced to come up with the November and December blocks on my own in order to have the quilt completed in time.  After a little assistance from my little helper...

we got it put together just in time!

So, here it is in all it's glory (with my favorite model).  I did a meandering free motion quilting pattern.  I also went a little crazy and decided to add each family member's name throughout the quilt.  I think it gives the little ones a fun little game to play searching for names.

Simultaneously with this set of blocks, I have also been working on a more modern or non-traditional Christmas color scheme.  Basically, I used lighter shades of green and threw in some aqua blue here and there, and maybe even a hint of pink.  This should hopefully coordinate well with some of my prior year's projects as well as my new Christmas stockings.

Hope to get this one quilted soon.  It's all sandwiched, ready and waiting to be quilted.   This one should be done in time to enjoy this Christmas season.

And in an attempt to actually make something happen, I have set a goal for myself to complete several of my WIPs (Work in Progress) or PIGs (Projects In Grocery bags) before the end of the year.  I figure if I put it in writing, I'll be forced to follow through.  Can't forget that there are also no less than six birthdays and one baby shower between now and New Years.  Busy, busy, busy, busy, there's so much to do...

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Monday, November 12, 2012

42 days...

until Christmas!

Here's a little peek at what I've been working on.

Lily supervises

First off, I've been piecing together some new stockings.  I followed this pattern to make some quilty, patchwork stockings that are much brighter and cheerier than stockings old.  (Although, if I'm being honest, stockings are pretty self explanatory, no pattern needed.  I thought the pattern was too small so I took out my old stockings and traced them for a larger size.) The fabrics are mostly from my stash: a little Amy Butler Full Moon Polka Dot, some Bonnie & Camille Vintage Modern, a dash of Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet, Kate Spain Joy and maybe a bit of some Anthology High Society to name a few.  My hope is that these will be around for a while, so I chose from some of my favorites.

So far, two stockings are completely done - one in a pinwheel pattern, the other a HST zig zag.  I wasn't quite up for hand piecing hexagons like the pattern calls for, so I followed this tutorial for a small hour glass block.

Did you notice in the first photo, on the bed are a few of my completed blocks for Jeni's Half Square Triangle Block of the Month?  More on that to follow another day...

Well I better get back to sewing if I'm going to get all of my projects done in time for Christmas.  I'll share photos of the finished projects soon (I hope.)

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