2012 Projects

2012 is over so I thought I would take a look back at all of my completed projects for 2012 (aka the first year at home with my little guy).  It's hard to believe this is everything from the past twelve months.  I guess I wasn't really just spending all of my time looking at fabrics online.  I actually made stuff.  Cool

Here's the list in no particular order:

Granny at the Castle {blogged}
   Following the online craze for granny squares, I pulled this one together using two charm packs and some Kona solids.  I also followed this tutorial for a binding flange.  This lucky quilt had a photo shoot in Napa at Meadowood and Castello di Amerosa.
   Fabrics are Make Life by Sweetwater and Kona Snow.  The backing is DS Quilts

Plane Stripes for Rylan {blogged}
   Somehow my nephew managed to be born and make it to age 3 before ever receiving a quilt from his Auntie (not sure how that happened).  His room is airplane themed so I finally got to make him this quilt.  Word on the street is that he sleeps on it every night.
   Fabrics started with Ready Set Go organic airplanes and also included Central Park, Michael Miller Metro Living, Peak Hour, Nicey Jane, It's a Hoot and more.

White Stars for Parker
   Another boy on the way.  There must be something in the water.  This special little one will be named Parker and is due in February of 2013.  His mommy gave me clues on the nursery decor, so once I had my color scheme, I created this traditional star pattern.
   Fabrics are Riley Blake All Star along with some Kona Chocolate and Riley Blake large chevron.

Zig Zag Quilt for Mystery Baby now known as River {blogged}
   A zig zag or chevron quilt made using half square triangles.  Colors were chosen to match Mystery Baby's nursery.  The sex of Mystery Baby was a "mystery" so it had to be gender neutral.
   Fabrics include Michael Miller Metro Living, Echo by Lotta Jansdotter, Central Park and more.

Granny for Granny quilt {blogged}
   One giant granny square block given to my Mom (aka Humma by the grandkids)
   Fabrics are Nicey Jane

241 Tote
  I followed this pattern by Noodlehead to make a bag for my mom.  I added some batting to give the tote some form.
 Fabrics are Essex Yard Dyed Linen and DS Quilts Fairground

A Quilt for Guillermo
   A whole cloth quilt with a machine appliqued "G".  This was a Christmas gift for a little boy.
   Fabrics were an Ikea red bear print used for the backing, a Japanese animal print from my stash and some Kona solids

A Quilt for Charlotte
    This was a last minute Christmas gift made by request for a friend.
    Fabrics included Cloud 9 Nursery Basics, Hunky Dory, Central Park, Vintage Modern, Chevron by Riley Blake, Meadowsweet, some Kona solids and more

A Quilt for Charlie (aka Charlotte) {blogged}
     A strip quilt with free motion loopy flowers quilting based on the tutorial found here at Oh, Fransson!
   Fabrics were Central Park by Kate Spain

A Quilt for Nana {blogged}
    A traditional Christmas quilt made as part of the half square triangle block of the month with Jeni at In Color Order.
   Fabrics were given to me by my mother in law and the completed quilt was a gift back to my mother in law for her birthday in November.

A Modern Christmas HST
    While making the above "traditional" Christmas quilt, I also made a more modern take on Christmas by adding in some aqua and lime green colors.
   Fabrics came from my stash and included Flea Market Fancy, Amy Butler Dots, Kate Spain Joy, Central Park and Fandango, some Anthology, It's a Hoot by Momo, Michael Miller holiday stripes, Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille and more

Christmas Pillowcases
    His and Hers Christmas pillowcases using the magic or burrito method
   Fabrics were Cherry Christmas by Aneela Hoey.  (Love the Christmas sweaters)

The mondo pom pillow
   I admit, I found this tutorial on pinterest.  I had to order the fat yarn on Amazon, but I love the result.  This was a little piece of flare for my son's Winter ONEderland
   Fabrics were Brr by Laurie Wisbrun

Polar bear bunting
   More decor for the ONEderland using this tutorial
   Fabrics were again Brr by Laurie Wisbrun

The "1" Pillow
   Some fusible interfacing layering Kona solids on some Riley Blake Chevron made for more projects at the birthday party
   Fabrics were Chevron and Brr on the back

Circle Felt Garland
   Cut, cut, and cut some more circles out of felt.  Sew them together and hang for instant (ok, not really instant - I spent a lot of time cutting) party ambiance

The Pouches Polar
    I made about a dozen of these box pouches and gave them away as party favors at the birthday party.  Inside each one, I places a tiny stuffed penguin
   Fabrics were Brr by Laurie Wisbrun

I'm the purple cat, JT's the green frog

Brown Bear, Brown Bear reversible tote
   I followed this tutorial by Dana at MADE.  One side was orange and teal and the other used a panel of Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?  This was the inspiration for our family Halloween costumes this year.  Daddy was brown bear, Mommy was purple cat, and Baby was green frog (also known as Kermie)
Fabric - Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Andover Fabrics

Secret Garden pillowcases, hand quilted pillow, curtains {blogged}
   This year I did a little mini bedroom makeover.  It started with some new curtains and included some pillowcases and a little hand quilted throw pillow.
   Fabrics Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson

Hoodie Towel and Wash Cloths for River {blogged}
   A coordinated hoodie towel for River to match his chevron quilt.

Patchwork squares for Sean {blogged}
   A classic boy color palette, this quilt started with a traditional fishing theme fabric and was brought together with simple squares in a rather satisfying pattern.
   Fabrics pulled from my stash including some Sandi Henderson Henna Garden, It's a Hoot, Nicey Jane, Joel Dewberry Aviary 2, a Japanese animal print and more.

LOVE pillow for Nana {blogged}
   A little paper piecing refresher to make this pillow in time for Valentine's Day.  The tutorial can be found at Sew Mama Sew.
Fabrics are Nicey Jane and Meadowsweet

Large drawstring pouch
   I made a large drawstring pouch using 4.5 fat quarters. This practical pouch was made to hold a set of toddler building blocks (for a girl).
   Fabrics are Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner.

Camper taggie for Cheese
  I've had this camper fabric in my stash for too long.  One day motivation hit me and I paired it with some green minky fabric and ribbon scraps to make this little toy.  What makes it crinkle?  Well, I had just finished off a bag of pretzels, so I cut the bag in to a square and sewed it in to the middle, obviously.

Three Stockings {blogged}
   Now that we're a party of 3, of course, I had to make a set of 3 matching stockings.  I followed this pattern.
   Fabrics include Vintage Modern, Flea Market Fancy, Pearl Bracelet, and more from my stash.

Peeps Onesie
   Here I put my best Google image search skills to the test and found a "Peeps" shape (not difficult).  Then with a little fusible interfacing and a quick outline on the sewing machine and my guy had a fun shirt to wear on Easter.

Doggie Doody
   These were a specially commissioned project for a special dog named Ozzie.  I attempted to take his existing doggie diaper and make it a smidge bigger to fit around his mid section.  (Something we can all relate to.)

Changing Pad Cover
   This changing pad cover is one of the easiest projects to make and makes all those diaper changes just a touch more bearable.  I followed this tutorial. This version of the changing pad cover was #2.  I also made a different version in 2011.
   Fabrics are a Kona gray and Echo by Lotta Jansdotter.

Bibs for Oregon
   Each year we travel to Oregon for a week long camping trip.  Not wanting to run short of clean bibs, I whipped up some simple bibs using all of my finest fishing/camping theme fabrics.  The backs are very practical and made with terry cloth (aka old towels).  I didn't follow a pattern, just outline a bib that fit the little one at the time.

Drawstring pouch for Nicki
   Another drawstring pouch was made in April as part of a birthday gift.  (Inside the bag was a jar of some homemade marshmallows if I remember correctly.
   Fabrics are Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner.

Llama pillow
   This pillow was spotted at Etsy from uber cool fabric designer Laurie Wisbrun (did you know I was a fan?)  The llama panel can still be purchased here.  And if you're going to make a pillow featuring a llama wearing a beanie, scarf and glasses, you'd better go all the way and add the dingle ball trim.

Embroidery Hoop displays
   Shown here above my fancy new (used) sewing machine is the Halloween edition of my fabric filled embroidery hoops.  Since investing the whopping $10 in these hoops, I have loved changing out the fabrics with each season and as the mood struck.

And, yes, there were more, but sadly, these projects somehow escaped before a photo could be taken (or maybe I'm too embarrassed to take a photo).

Infinity scarf dots (no photo)
   I more or less followed this tutorial and used some cool double gauze fabric purchased way too long ago.

Fabric envelopes by In Color Order (no photo)

Pretty wide open pouch for Lily (no photo)

Guitar Beach Ball (no photo)
   A little fabric beach ball for my little guy because sometimes you need a little instant gratification.
   Fabrics - Michael Miller Groovy Guitar and some zebra stripe

Fishing burp cloths (no photo)

Camping laundry bag (no photo)

   An oversized drawstring bag using the basic concept of the In Color Order drawstring pouch.

A simple stuffed block (no photo)
   Cut six squares, sew them together leaving one small opening.  Stuff and sew shut
   Fabrics were, you guessed it, Brr

A wonky house crinkle taggie (no photo)
   Forgot to take a picture, but imagine making a single quilt block something like this and putting a little mouse family from Nursery Versery in the window and then embellishing with ribbon taggies.  The back was a green minky.  In the end, it looks something like was made here.

Massive pillow case for fireplace guard (no photo)
   My practical (if not the most beautiful) solution to keeping the little one from climbing on our brick fireplace and pushing all of the buttons on the tv, satellite, etc.

If you made it this far down the list and you're not related to me, congrats.  Thanks for checking things out.  Maybe you'll find something inspiring or a tutorial to try out for yourself.  I've certainly enjoyed experimenting with tons of great fabrics and patterns.  2013 is off to a great start already.  I'm totally on the #scrappytripalong bandwagon.

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