About Me

Here are a few little bits about me in case you were curious.

My husband and I were friends for 10 years before we ever became a couple.  Not only is he my best friend, but he is a wonderful cook, a gifted fly fisherman and an amazing writer.  He produced a documentary titled Rivers of a Lost Coast with Tom Skerritt that was released in 2009.

I am a proud mommy to a little toddler munchkin we call Cheesy.  His official name is Jeffrey Thomas (JT) but he doesn't need to know that just yet.

I adopted my kitty, Lily, from the SPCA in 2007.  She is the "lily" in Federlily and her biggest claim to fame so far is being voted "Cutest Pet of the Day" on peoplepets.com.

My favorite athlete is Roger Federer (the "Feder" in Federlily).  I got to see him play live at the US Open in 2008.

I'm not really 29 anymore.  We no longer have the software I originally used to design the blog header, so it stays (for now).  I'm actually 31 32 (yikes!).

I'm obsessed with reading quilting blogs and looking at the latest quilting fabrics online.  I get all of my sewing in while my son naps, so my blog writing and updating is extremely neglected.  All of my loyal followers are just completely devastated I'm sure.

And now some random stuff:

Willie Nelson once winked at me during a concert.

I've been fortunate in my life to travel to Paris twice, but if I could choose one place for my next vacation, I'd go back again.

I'm 100% Team Jacob.

I once finished first place at a track meet in the pole vault.

My driver's license says I'm 5'0", but some people may beg to differ.

I believe that all board games should include some form of logic or skill.

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would probably be my mom's potato salad.

I was one of only two people to graduate in my class with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry.

I love Kelly Clarkson but my husband worries about me blasting her albums too much in front of our son.

Bonefishing in Belize
In what my husband would consider a monumental step, I have finally posted a photo of myself online.

And if you've gotten this far down on my "About Me" page, I guess I can tell you I'm from Sacramento and my name is Kristi :)

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